Training with Ashleigh Auld PR

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We want to aid you in succeeding on your and being successful on your digital marketing platforms. With this in mind we created 5 individual training courses on a variety of different digital marketing aspects and tools. These courses are private for you and your company and we will cater the content specifically to what you are most interested in and the areas that you seeking more knowledge on.

Alternatively to this we are hosting six group-training courses, specifically focusing on social media marketing, at the beginning of December across the country. You can find details of these courses here. These will have up to 10 delegates in each location, these courses are not only lower in price but there will be a benefit of sharing the room with 9 other people. The best thing about these courses is the opportunity to learn and grow from each other’s experiences and there will be other delegates on the course that may ask questions that you have not yet considered and vice versa.

Within the course you will be able to share ideas and explore different notions that other’s may have tried in the past, this is valuable information as it may prevent you from executing misguided efforts and resources. If these courses are of interest you and you’d like to know more, please get in touch and we’ll send you more information. To secure your place on one of our courses click here.